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Hands on with ansible: Elastic Search

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Update on all elastic search servers, restart them and check if logs are being rolled and purged over or not.

Use Case 1:

  1. Take backup of existing if exists
  2. Update of all the elastic search data and master nodes
  3. Restart elastic search server

playbook : log4j-update.yml

command:ansible-playbook -i els-inventory.ini log4j-update.yml 

Use Case 2:

  1. Check whether elastic search service is up and running on all nodes or not,
  2. If an instance got terminated and ECS launced a new instance get the IP of that node

playbook :service-status.yml

 command:ansible-playbook  -i els-inventory.ini   service-status.yml 

Use Case 3:

  1. Check whether logs are being rolled and purged over correctly

playbook log-rotation.yml

 command:ansible-playbook  -i els-inventory.ini   log-rotation.yml 

Note: Use case 3 will give you correct result only on next day.

Code is available here at github

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